Vision: Impacting the Community and future leaders through Quality Education 

Mission: Shero Foundation is empowering the Community of future leaders, through providing mentorship for children to equip then with competencies and resources required to thrive

The Beginning

  • SHERO Foundation started 12 years ago as a passion project and a personal social responsibility Agenda for Ciru but incorporated as a foundation in 2021.
  • It started off as a sanitary towels project funded by my salary.
  • Over time, friends started contributing to the agenda and we were able to give the sanitary towels to more girls.

Our aim is

  1. Equip today’s child with life skills and competencies fit for purpose for the new world.
  2. Give girls dignity and decency through sexual health training and provision of hygiene packs(Research Sponsored by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation)
    • 65% of women and girls in Kenya unable to afford sanitary pads.
    • Only 50% of girls say that they openly discuss menstruation at home. Just 32% of rural schools have a private place for girls to change their menstrual product.
    • And only 12% of girls in Kenya would be comfortable receiving the information from their mother and 1 in 4 girls do not associate menstruation with pregnancy

Our Stakeholders

  1. Students (12yrs – 19yrs) – the future leaders
  2. Teachers – our partners in the mentorship clubs and hygiene packs distribution
  3. The parents whose support we need in molding our future leaders
  4. Corporate and individual partners who make it possible to fulfill our mission


  1. Provide mentorship for children to inspire hope and make them understand that THEY CAN!
  2. Impact future leaders and equip them with competencies required to thrive in future and provoke their minds to possibilities beyond their current ‘world’.
  3. Maintain the dignity and decency of the girl child by providing hygiene packs and educating them on sexual health and hygiene.