Mlolongo Primary is a school in Athi River with over 1800 learners. The majority of the learners are from Mlolongo and impoverished neighboring areas. With only 16 classrooms, some classes have up to 160 learners and only two teachers.

With many parents unable to afford a meal, many of these learners have to bear with hunger as they learn. The Shero Foundation is committed to partnering with the school and other willing well-wishers to provide a healthy cup of uji (porridge) to the learners every day to ensure they are nourished.

  • We need Ksh.15,000 (USD 150) per week to ensure 500 learners in Pre-school have a nice mug of Uji every morning.

Your donation of funds, or porridge flour will go a long way in ensuring these children have a chance at getting an education.

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